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Our story

We didn’t always do web design. In fact, when we started in the IT Industry 30-odd years ago, the Internet was in its infancy in the commercial world. And from our humble beginnings in the days of Dos, via hardware, server, database design and business IT support, over the last 10 years or so we have developed  a wide range of web sites.

Why Knotted Rope??

Well, it’s quite simple. It was really difficult trying to come up with something different but kind of related to what we do. So when you get a rope and knot it, you eventually end up with a net. Or web.

We design responsive, mobile-first sites that our customers can keep up to date, but still have stunning looks and tight security. Get your quote below.
Responsive Design

Providing responsive, mobile-friendly websites is so important, so it's our core consideration.


SSL protection is essential now, and more browsers are warning of non-secure sites. All ours come with SSL as standard.


Leverage online sales easily with Paypal or credit card integration on your website.

why choose us?

  • Committed to secure websites

  • Scalable solutions

  • Fast hosting platforms

  • Mobile-first designs

  • Fast and friendly support

  • Value for money

why choose us?

Our expertise allows us to create amazing bespoke websites, from simple one-page to complex e-commerce and employee portal systems. Our sites are flexible and responsive, hosted on enterprise-grade platforms. And we take extra care to make sure everything is as you envisioned it. And we check for smelling pistakes…


Mobile-first is key in this mobile era. We’ll get your blocks in line.


SSL isn’t just for e-commerce anymore. Modern browsers are pushing web hosts towards https for every site now. So we provide a free standard SSL with our hosting.


We take care to provide carefully-considered quotes for web design and hosting. We’ll work with you and your budget to achieve the best designs on fast, secure hosting.

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