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Responsive web design features in the launch of Knotted Rope’s exciting new website


Check out our responsive web design!
Knotted Rope, a 12 year-old company from the South of England, are pleased to annouce our new responsive web design site. We’ve worked hard to create a new site and hope that it appeals. We’ve deliberately kept it short and sweet and don’t intend to confuse or bamboozle people with big buzzwords and jazzy sales techniques.
We are here for one reason. We enjoy what we do. We’re not out to buy big yachts off of our endeavours (but a weekend away in the Cotswolds is always a bonus!). We want to create striking websites and help clients create a happy balance of web presence and new business as a result.
About Us
We are a small team hailing from Hampshire, and have a portfolio of clients ranging from cottage industry to dredging companies to a local model and many more in between. We have clients not only in the UK, but even as far afield as Australia. Ah, the beauty of online! Our sites all feature responsive web design, so important in this mobile age.
Have a browse (we will be tweaking and updating often) and fire off any questions you may have. Don’t look at the pricing page and think WT actual F, these are just figures we added when we look at comparable responsive web design sites that have been created. Every quote we do is based on the site we will be creating, and we are most flexible and accommodating!
Enjoy, and contact us please with any questions or requests.