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Services & Pricing

Web Design

Affordable, high-quality web design for small to medium business. From single page to complex e-commerce websites, we have you covered, at a price that's right.

Mail and Print

We can provide printed media for flyers, posters, cards, brochures etc, and email campaign management tools. It's all about the brand and getting your theme uniform.


Whether you want us to design your site or not, we can offer enterprise-class web hosting platforms on Windows or Linux, from shared to VPS to dedicated.

Web Security

Whether accepting card payments or not, your website needs to be secure. We provide SSL certificates and regular updates, plus malware scanning and web firewalls with our design packages.


Websites aren't just public. We can provide employee portals for news, documents, holiday/absence management and HR to name but a few examples.


SEO is important and ever-changing in its criteria. We work hard to make sure your sites are SEO-friendly and get picked up by those search engines.

Services & Packages


Affordable hosting for all

Web hosting for start-ups or enterprise. Fast, high-quality hosting with Content Delivery included, plus SSL on each domain

Web Design Services

Keep It Your Way

We develop and manage websites that matter to your target group and 
drive engagement, sales and loyalty. We also check for site security and take regular backups.
Fully Managed

We look after updates on your site and takes backups, check security etc.


We take nightly backups and carry out proactive security checks.


Self-managed. It's not a thing. We still look after backups and security scans for you.

Looking after you

Whether we fully manage your site or not, we make sure you have nightly backups and a secure site.

Q & A

What is your refund policy?

On hosting packages we offer a 30-day cancellation policy. On design packages we charge in sections, so after the initial consultation and wireframe layout, you are then committing to the design and pay in stages as the site is developed and completed.

What hosting do you provide?

We can provide whatever hosting is needed, from Windows, to cPanel, to WHM for resellers, to VPS and dedicated servers,

What support do you offer?

For hosting queries and requests, we provide normal weekday support from 9-5, but as the web is 24/7 if the site or server has a problem, we jump on that as soon as we see an issue. For design or content changes, we operate weekdays 9-5.

What if I have more questions?

We’re happy to help. Simply contact us and ask!

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